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How to prevent jewelry allergies

by:Kirin      2020-09-27

the hot summer months, the cash more and more people who are allergic properties, it is because the metal under the action of high temperature and sweat ionization dissolution, caused by direct contact with metal parts of the skin allergy. Not only that, some people after eating food containing metal are also prone to allergic reactions. Summer how to prevent metallicity allergy? Bridge the Japanese toho university medical center hospital skin to professor tree Wells show that there are about 77 kinds of metal can cause an allergic reaction, including the glasses frame and tie clasp nickel, cobalt, chromium, etc. In general, the metal itself is not cause allergic reaction to human body, yet in the high temperature in summer and sweat can occur under the action of chemical reaction, cause metal ionization dissolution, direct contact with metal parts of the skin can appear sex allergic dermatitis, and part of allergic reaction is accompanied by severe eczema. Is not only the surface of the skin can appear metal allergy symptoms, including part made of metal teeth, teeth, etc. , may also be within the oral cavity caused by metal allergy symptoms, so you need to pay special attention to. In addition to direct contact with the metal, food containing metal trap is the most likely to cause skin allergy. Mukai said: nickel, chromium, cobalt and other metallic elements ingredients such as chocolate, cocoa, coffee, beans, spices, shellfish, beef liver, such as food, are likely to cause systemic eczema. For patients with these diseases, should pay special attention to avoid. When contact with the metal, or anaphylaxis after eating some food in systemic eczema, shall be immediately to the hospital, find allergic source, in order to prevent serious health consequences caused by allergies, mukai said. Usually the diagnosis of skin allergies are directly to the suspected allergic metal stick directly on the part of the skin reaction on the skin, but compared with standard metal allergy allergy diagnosis to spend more time, usually need about 5 days to be effective. And treatment usually take orally and external treatment of anti-allergic drugs at the same time, to improve the symptoms, and prevent germs from skin wounds to cause secondary infection. Mukai, points out that to really prevent recurrent allergic metallicity, away from allergic source metal is very important, so in the summer should wear less as far as possible metal necklace, earrings, anklets hand ornaments.

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