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How to perfect collocation rings, necklaces and earrings

by:Kirin      2020-09-19

rings, necklaces and earrings with harmony, not only show the wearer's accomplishment and more. Rings, necklaces and earrings in jewelry in the family is the most common accessories, commonly known as & other; Three pieces of gold & throughout; ; They are interdependent, mutual reflect. This three pieces of gold can be worn alone, but whether it is a complete set of wear, or separate decoration should have beautiful matching criterion. From the structure of the people, the appearance of the head and hands is the most important part, face down where is the point of view is focused on the nabla area, neck, face backward extension, ear, they are in the line of sight of both ends of the horizontal axis, these are the faces of vice center, to the person's whole spirit has a very important role in the ornament. A set of three-piece accessories ( With pendant necklace can separate page share) , both in material, design, style must be harmonious and unified; If is 18 k yellow gold ring, necklace, Pendant) , eardrop should also be 18 k yellow gold; With a platinum setting with a diamond ring, necklace, Pendant on diamonds) , eardrop must also be platinum material; With precious stones and gems ( Here refers to the diamond) Set a set of jewelry, gem confusion between collocation of avoid by all means, such as ring is inlaid diamonds, and pendant with is red, sapphire, emerald, ruby, this will surely cause visual illusion, destroyed the ornaments of the overall harmony and lasting appeal. Has been discussed above is actually a jewelry design, it has always been regarded as an important factor of jewelry. Nature inoculation of treasures after many process to form for people to wear ornaments, a well-designed jewelry materials, precious stones, clothing, saturated with the designer of the human body all sorts of elements such as the overall thinking and refining, good design fully shows the natural beauty of ornaments, also increases the high added value product, cultural connotation and humanistic spirit. Design from the perspective of big, classical and elegant, simple rustic, novel fashion, although they are different styles, but he is on design modelling is a successful work of art. Jewelry special treatment on the production process, we also to do when the three-piece suit of choose and buy jewelry production style unifies, such as gold plating and polishing, sandblasting processing, car flower crafts, etc. ; To be consistent with each other in product modeling, geometry and geometric, streamlined and streamlined, symmetry, size, the proportion of collocation must be appropriate. For example, a 5 & ndash; 7 grams of necklace, pendant length shoulds not be more than 3 cm; 1 carat diamond ring, pendant on the drill should not be less than zero. 30 carats, eardrop with drill should not be less than zero. 25 carats per grain, the ring is sandblast technology processing, the other two must also be after sandblast technology processing, do not attend; The choose and buy of diamond jewelry involves not only is the price and variety, more important is to conform to your personality and taste, in line with the objective of the aesthetic standards.

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