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How to match the silver to show its beauty?

by:Kirin      2020-08-24

925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale and tell you about the time silver collocation technique, in the light of the design of the silver how to show the beauty of it? Believe that many people are buying for this problem to some silver ornament doesn't know how to wear out the flavor of silver, as a result, 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale network to tell you what time here, so everyone in the pursuit of more confident when silver: first: business attire for supplement design modelling concise, delicate silver necklace. Second: color artificial stones town of silver ornaments for young girls to wear. Third: type cute dress up wearing a small silver bracelet fitting bells. Fourth: silver should not be mixed with gold jewelry to wear, but different style silver can be put together, rich simple sense, to attend the grand occasion or gorgeous clothing, should choose equipped with expensive jewelry, diamond town of silver jewelry. Fifth: this year the present popular collocation method, is to make two or more silver is acted the role of mutual collocation, create a different feeling. Sixth: Tibetan silver color personality strong, unfavorable collocation business attire, lest give a person the sense of not enough professional, capable. Seven: silver worn out after dark, doesn't need to be cleaned to continue to wear, the nostalgic taste is also very good, silver is belong to fashion, to pay attention to the style of wearing often transform. Eighth: unique design, suitable for casual wear supplement exaggerated modelling sterling silver ring.

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