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How to make your 925 silver is both beautiful and healthy

by:Kirin      2020-09-17

silver or, as the saying goes, people raise silver, only to maintain their color silver as well, to ensure both beauty and health, and could make it more permanent, still shining through the baptism of the years. So how do we usually maintain our color silver? Maintain color silver, in fact, it is relatively easy, only need to pay attention to some details, can maintain better. How to preserve the color of often do not wear don't wear silver jewelry, cannot be placed at random, because not the right place, could make the color silver. First of all, the two silver color can not be placed together, because it will cause the gap of hardness to knock against each other between color silver wear. Even the hardness is the same color silver, contact each other also can produce scratches, is the best way to separate place, and flannelette small bag; Secondly, in view of the different attribute color silver, can keep the surrounding environment of dry and wet, avoid direct sunlight. Due to often do not wear away silver in color, the need to show a while observing a, in order to timely find the lack of water or moisture and the adoption of countermeasures. Wear maintenance way often wear color silver, it is the best maintenance for the silver color. But in the process of wear in many places is also need to be aware of: the first thing to avoid collision with hard objects, because a lot of color silver although higher hardness, but are usually brittle, once by a violent impact, severe cases will craze. Second, if use color silver rings, in contact with acid, oil and other liquids, and attention should be paid to avoid radioactive material, because a lot of color silver after contact with oil and acid or by radioactive radiation, can produce certain physical or chemical reaction, thus affecting its gloss, so x-rays through the security, the hospital must pay attention to avoid or even removed. Love wearing color silver women need to pay attention to some of his own cosmetics may have damaged in silver color. Again, to ensure the color silver clean at ordinary times to clear in time accidentally touched the dirt or dust, and, when necessary, can use warm water washed or mild soap water to wipe. In addition, wearing a silver color to try to stay away from heat source, so if the usual dinner eat hot pot, barbecue, or cooking, it is best to jewelry, avoid color silver makes its color and texture is affected because of the heat.

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