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How to make the silver to be our fashion trend

by:Kirin      2020-08-26

silver wholesale network said: silver metal is a kind of unstable, healthy body surface grease can maintain silver grey, long-term wearing exposed to the air can become yellow, have met the body deposition toxins, or encounter & other; Sulfur & throughout; The chemicals ( Such as hair agent, soap, etc. ) Will suddenly turn black, so a lot of people will think of some way to make silver more bright, more fashion, more fashion, for this problem is also a lot of people need to understand, - - - Silver wholesale network according to the silver of the silver fashion trend tells us that several maintenance way, let us in to flash crowd: first: often use a cup of boiling water, put silver ornament in soak for a few minutes and can also be put in a little liquid detergent. Decomposition 㐽 wear with grease and sweat for a long time, can the silver look new. Second: especially Xia Tianai sweating, to avoid the corrosion of sweat to act the role ofing is tasted, wearing jewelry after stick on perspiration, immediately with water washing, water with a soft cloth to wipe clean, can continue to wear. Third: in the process of 㐽 wear, please try to avoid contact with any other chemicals silver, so as to avoid chemical reaction. 4: in the bath, game, be sure to silver will be taken down, avoid contact with bleaching powder and chemicals. Fifth: act the role ofing is tasted the best maintenance method is 㐽 take every day, because of the human body oil glands can make the silver produces natural moist luster. Sixth: silver texture is soft, 㐽 wear should avoid squeezing and pulling. Seven: at the time of makeup, please try to avoid contact with the silver ornament makeup and perfume.

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