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How to judge the value of a piece of jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-08-25

how to judge the value of a piece of jewelry? Look at its material is it valuable? Or look at its style very not good-looking? Mau embellish every piece of jewelry in the city of silver jewelry may refresh people's understanding of jewelry. See a person like you, not only look at his appearance, dress, you have to taste him. A piece of jewelry, the exhibition art jewelry reading sex is very strong, can withstand the audience read very carefully. Work breaks through the traditional jewelry design idea and artistic aesthetic idea, with a variety of materials and multidimensional perspective reflects the innovation and practice of contemporary art jewelry. Unlike jewelry concept of People's Daily understanding, the exhibition of all art jewelry is orphan works, and is full of artist hand-made. As jewelry, they are all can wear and body relation; Every piece of work, on the other hand, is very emphasis on personality, each section of the works through the artist's hammering out, make time for even a few months?

a famous jewellery valuation need accumulated precipitation of brand awareness and the craft of jewelry and jewelry itself qualitative material, even designers design soul of every work meaning, how should we go from technology and luster, judgment of jewelry jewelry style able to bear or endure look line etc.

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