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How to identify the true and false of the sterling silver jewelry?

by:Kirin      2020-09-22

there are many different kinds of silver jewellery. Looks complicated. Silver types respectively: 925 silver: refers to the silver 92. 5% of silver, is recognized as sterling silver standard on international standards. 100% of silver is soft, not when producing, inconvenience to make silver, and relatively easy to oxidation, commonly known as variable pigment silver: 925 silver plated white rhodium plating ( Industry said that platinum) , to the greatest possible delay in silver oxide or sulfide characteristics of the yellow and black. Industry on call have no outside of 925 sterling silver jewelry plated platinum, silver, silver in the air is relatively easy to oxidation. Now on the market to sell 925 silver have a high proportion of products in order to decreasing the cost, are silver. Thai silver: Thai specialties, the standard is 925 silver content. Appearance is lack of brightness, the pursuit of an antique silver effect. Than 925 silver plated platinum silver, its price will be higher, because the work of Thai silver cost is more expensive. Tibetan silver: is generally not silver composition, cupronickel, Copper nickel alloy) Bills of traditional Tibetan silver is 30% silver and 70% copper, but even if this is the traditional process of Tibetan silver, now in the market also has not arrived, mostly in cupronickel completely replace. Silver is oxidation and so on the market to see a little better is 92. 5% of the money, it is commonly known as 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver is a silver content in 92. 5% of the silver products. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is the highest purity of silver, as well as the purity of 999 gold. Because of fine silver is too soft and easy to oxidation, so since tiffany company started 925 silver, 925 sterling silver jewelry is internationally recognized for sterling silver. Silver jewelry is general with some other metals in different degrees, silver jewelry looks more high more soft, surface is white and smooth. With an eye to identify the colour and the true and false. Color-forming high looks white, delicate, luster, and in such labels are printed on the jewelry manufacturer, shop number; Low colour, the color is light yellow, coarsely; Fake silver jewellery gray color and not smooth. High bending fingers clench. Looks soft and flexible, easy bending is not easy to break; Mass times harder when bending, or barely moving, some even can't fold with his fingers move; Silver-plated by bending or with a hammer to knock a few times can crack; Fake doesn't bend, easy to fracture. Color-forming high silver ornament, dance is not high on the counter, a poof of click; False or deceptive low light, high bounce on the bedplate, sound is ringing. The welding. Some silver ornament is a welded together, so want to see the welding is clean, without false welding or welding phenomenon. See the brightness. For plating color, pure brightness is strong. The veneer. To be strong, geometric. The watch hooked claws. Depends on whether hook claw without burr, prick the hand, clothes, wear is convenient. Silver in the identification of silver jewelry is not valuable, but there are really false, although this kind of phenomenon is not common, but consumers should grasp some identification method of silver jewelry. When consumer is bought by the physical properties of silver, usually with inspection methods are: watching jewelry color: the higher the purity, silvery white, jewelry surface looks even shine, polishing. If the lead, jewelry can present a green gray; Such as copper, jewelry surface can be rough, color not moist sense. Ok jewelry weight: silver density is generally common metal slightly larger, generally speaking, both light, silver, copper, light and not heavy. Thus DianDian weight on whether it make a preliminary decision to the silver. If act the role ofing is tasted, larger and lighter weight, can judge the preliminary adorn article belong to other metals. Check hardness, hardness is lower than copper, silver and a lead, tin, available pin cross jewelry inconspicuous place, such as needle sliding, surface hard to leave a mark, can be judged to be copper jewelry accessories; Such as lead, tin, texture mark is very obvious, outstanding; Such as physical volcanism and less obvious, can be a preliminary determination of silver jewelry accessories. Phonology: listen to the sterling silver jewelry ornaments thud, lifeless, sound as lindsey dalai lindsey dalai. Colour is lower, the lower the sound, and sound the tip of the high and with rhyme; If the copper, the higher and sharp, shortness of rhymes and short; For lead, tin, texture, toss a deep voice, short, and no elasticity.

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