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How to identify silver ornament true or false

by:Kirin      2020-08-17

1, identify the silver content in accordance with the GB11887 - 2008 rules and naming methods of jewelry metal purity standards, market sales of silver ornament must mark on the product, indicate the purity of silver, and also is the content of silver, with QianFenShu said that the silver content is not less than 925 & permil; Called the 925 sterling silver jewelry, silver 925 mark; Not less than 990 silver content & permil; Says silver 990 or fine silver, fine silver or silver 990 mark; ; Not less than 999 silver content & permil; Said thousand fine silver, around fine silver, or silver 999 mark. 2, check the colour and lustre is: the higher the purity, silvery white, surface smooth, uniform, polishing. If the lead quality, surface with grey; Such as containing copper, rough surface with dry feeling. Is oxidized silver despite & other surface; Black rust & throughout; , but its black and a bright color, lead, tin, copper, without burnish. 3, ok weight: due to the density of silver is generally common metal slightly larger, generally speaking: & other; Both light and heavy silver, copper is not light nor heavy & throughout; And therefore DianDian weight make preliminary judgment on whether it is silver.

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