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How to find on sterling silver jewelry processing factory, to teach you

by:Kirin      2020-03-23
Aboard the other small make up in zhihu, hundred searched under the question, the answer is uneven, therefore, as a professional manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry processing for 25 years, to give you the popular science, we know that in guangzhou, guangzhou is an international jewelry production base, is expected to 70% of the world's jewelry is made from guangzhou jewelry factory, so if you want to find the most professional jewelry processing factory, or going to the base. Watch factory production experience, the both are almost the same, which industry especially in high-end of gold and silver jewelry, for technical requirement is very strict, that for our brands, quality assurance is the foundation of cooperation for a long time. Look at the design level, sometimes have the drawings, the factory only need to open mold processing, according to the drawing that the request is not high, but as brands, we need to have design innovative products, high level of design can let the factory production level of ascension. The production technician level, Mosaic processing basic stay in pure manual operation, so the technician level determines the degree of fine jewelry. Either one, long-term cooperation is built on the basis of good faith, guangzhou jewelry co. , LTD. Is specialized in 925 sterling silver jewelry processing, copper jewelry generation processing manufacturers, for domestic and foreign each big silver brand processing. Welcome to gold and silver jewelry processing factory's official website to know more, you can also call 24 h service hot line: 138 - 2500 - 5033 ( WeChat with Numbers) Immediately, counseling online customer service, the company wholeheartedly for your service!
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