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How to face and 925 silver earrings?

by:Kirin      2020-09-06

925 silver ornament, according to the wholesale for all kinds of silver: how can we better choose silver? How do to this kind of silver according to your own face to know something about 925 earrings? For this problem all want to believe that a lot of MM according to your own face some knowledge to understand some 925 sterling silver jewelry earrings: first: the pointed bottom face to pick the techniques of sterling silver earrings below the sharp edge of face girl should choose is less than the earrings on the edge, to achieve a balance mandible width, creating the effect of soft facial lines. If wearing a pendant earrings, please pay special attention to the length of the pendant, it is best to avoid not long not short end of the lower jaw, because the end of the pendant length, just parked in the focus of people eyes. In addition, the Angle is very obvious earrings, such as triangle, hexagon should avoid to wear. Second: the technique of frame choose sterling silver earrings frame chin is pointed, fit for flange on the edge of wear is greater than the earrings, such as water, gourd shape, as well as the Angle is not very sharp triangle, etc. , can increase the component frame beauty chin, make facial lines look more straight. Third: the technique of face choose sterling silver earrings long girl can wear form such as round, square fan lateral design earrings, they are round with graceful arc, founder can subtly for you increase the width of the face, reduce the length of the face; The longer-face people suit to wear earrings with round effects, like the color treasure stud earrings, tightly buckled on the ears send out personal unique glamour. Fourth: round egg face choose sterling silver earrings skills in order to create a face length increase, the width to reduce visual result, round egg face girl should choose such as rectangular whip form, water droplets form such as earrings and pendants, they can make you a rich facial lines, soft with just more add how much ying ting qi.

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