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How to extend the brightness of the silver?

by:Kirin      2020-09-23

silver wholesale silver wholesale manufacturers, factory is a professional wholesale for all kinds of silver and silver black handle they have professional approach, while there are a lot of customers friend asked us a question, that is how to extend the brightness of the silver, and for this problem we need to know from the following several aspects: first, the surface plating platinum silver is acted the role of had better use special rub silver cloth, rub silver cloth can be in silver brand shop to buy. ( Note: rub silver cloth for maintenance of ingredients, not washed. ) , silver wholesale factory is a professional wholesale silver, they teach us that way really very useful, if possible, you can use. Second: silver inlaid gems cannot touch water, avoid water affect gum soundness is best by professional personnel to clean. Third: when you don't wear silver, away again after cleaning, had better use a sealed bag, prevent oxidation. Fourth: no platinum plating silver, daily cleaning can complete yourself, for example, try squeezing toothpaste, add some water, scrub with a soft cloth, aperture tooth brush the back of the net are available, and then rinse with water. Silver wholesale manufacturer told us how to make the brightness of the silver increase? Using the above several methods which can make the silver more bright, also has a lot of people have silver maintenance problem, as long as make good use of these methods can make maintenance of the silver is better.

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