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How to clean the gold jewelry at home

by:Kirin      2020-03-24
Jewelry trends like the wheel of history forever forward, constantly change, and only the most classic as jewelry, no matter what age, tide change, gold jewelry will never be outdated. It has a unique brilliance, but it may be covered yarn, in addition to professional bodies clean, how to clean the gold jewelry at home? Jewelry is beautiful but maintenance and cleaning is necessary. All metal, whether or not the rare precious metals, because when it is exposed to the air, oxidation by air contains water, lost its reason. In addition, the daily use of cosmetics and washing hands with soap and accumulate over a long period of the stain will harm the jewelry itself over time, so as to make it lose its light. In addition to professional institutions for cleaning, polishing, we can at home to gold jewelry for easy cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning steps: 1, add a few drops of liquid soap in warm water, or detergents, detergent, etc. Create a mild detergent with warm water and liquid soap wash up a few drops. 2 to keep gold soaking it for 15 minutes; 3, with a soft toothbrush and gently scrub every corner of the gold. 4, with warm water is rinsed clean; After 5, with a soft cloth blot moisture, make its natural dry in the air.
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