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How to choose and buy real silver ornament?

by:Kirin      2020-09-07

what kind of sterling silver jewelry is true? For the choice of silver ornament, how to buy real silver ornament? There are many stores sell silver and above all marked 925 silver, is it that silver is really? Actually that would cheat on the market, if we can know the knowledge of silver, will not be the silver ornament to fool away, so here to tell you what time about choice silver ornaments need to understand some of the problems: it is understood that the unqualified silver ornaments main indicators for precious metals purity, mark. Expert introduction, contains some impurities in precious metals, the purity is precious metals accounts for the ratio of the total, sampling observation results show that the higher the purity of the silver ornament qualified rate is relatively lower, sampling also found there is precious metal materials, such as purity content the phenomenon such as mark mark can't remember. At present, the quality control department has ordered related businesses to stop selling, and handled in accordance with the law. The choose and buy precious metals ornaments weight shall be carried out in a field survey, and found that the presence of measurement error. In addition, consumer should to specialty stores, counter to the choose and buy after the inspection of the precious metal jewelry, the professional quality of the stores is guaranteed and service level, even if it is easy to properly solve dispute. When consumers in the choose and buy silver ornament, should learn some tips. One should pay attention to observe the appearance of the jewelry. Ornaments should be reasonable design, welding firm, smooth surface, no trace file, such as hammer blow, processing, no blister, porosity, obvious defects such as cracks, welding scar. 2 it is to observe carefully printed record of ornaments, jewelry marks should be clear and easy to identify, content must include name and content of purity, precious metals such as silver jewelry, such as purity QianFenShu marked 925 sterling silver jewelry or S925 when jewelry can not print due to carefully too small of time, should be attached with the identity of the mark content.

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