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How to avoid jewelry black color?

by:Kirin      2020-08-16

jewelry are women become confident a magic weapon, but the wholesale jewelry manufacturer says, if the jewelry and some chemicals hair should be oxidation will make jewelry or color change, for such circumstance how to avoid jewelry don't change? Mau embellish silver city for such problems to our list of 4 kinds of methods: first: washed with ammonia, or use the squeeze toothpaste on the flannelette wipes 925 sterling silver jewelry, also can remove surface black, to restore its original luster, pay attention not to scratch the surface. The second: 925 sterling silver jewelry, when idle, recommendations to the sealing plastic bags sealing, to reduce the contact with air, can slow down or avoid black. Third: use rub silver cloth, brush try along one direction, until he had polished sterling silver jewelry. Fourth: dip in with cotton some white vinegar is wiped, black silver sulfide dissolved in acid ester, silver ornament again appear luster; Or use baking soda water with a soft brush again after cleaning; Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, the effect also is very good, so as to avoid the problems of the 925 sterling silver jewelry black not beautiful.

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