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How do we choose the silver necklace?

by:Kirin      2020-09-14

how to choose different jewelry, silver necklace, can be from your personality first analysis. The so-called personality, can be divided into composed with lively, sensitive and dumber, delicate and straightforward, maturity and naivety is the performance of individual character, it shows that each person's personality is not the same. Jewelry silver necklace on the material, color, texture, craft, design style is different, and different combination of silver necklace worn method brings to the feeling of people won't be the same. Quiet type and weak type, the silver necklace how differences in the choice? Weak type & ndash; — This type of man, the general is sentimental, effeminate, prone to severe inward, to observe things very meticulous, patience and self-control are extremely strong. While weak type and lofty and the tendency of too lonely, easy to let people feeling to inaccessible. In men, choose the silver necklaces, suitable for high color saturation, bright, shiny jewelry silver necklace, to improve the image, enhance the enthusiasm and vigor, optional collocation opal silver necklace, ruby silver necklace, silver necklace, lapis lazuli red fei silver necklace, silver coral necklace. And women, in order to add lively staticly at coulding there be, go out fully in serious naive, optional collocation aquamarine silver necklace, silver necklace red spinel, zircon silver necklace, silver necklace, red tourmaline can more enchanting lovely tender feelings.

calm type & ndash; — This type of man, is leaning to and commonly, introverted, but have a stubborn rigid side, and some of the quiet type anti-social. In men, choose the silver necklaces, suitable for light strong such as diamond silver necklace, ruby silver necklace, silver necklace, emerald rutile silver necklace, it can shape the initiative, enthusiasm of image, and can add masculinity, improve the appearance of the image. While women, should maintain its more elegant reserved side, optional collocation of colour and lustre is gentle, such as faint red garnet silver necklace, silver necklace, light color tourmaline amethyst silver necklace, silver white pearl necklace, etc. , to fully reveal women's calm, exquisite beauty and gentleness.
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