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How do silver ornaments on the dirt clean

by:Kirin      2020-03-17
A lot of friends fight like sterling silver jewelry, but I don't know how to maintain, sterling silver jewelry to actually we just spend a little more attention in daily life, can let the silver is like new. How do silver ornaments on the dirt clean? If it is found that the silver signs change yellow, the easiest way to add some water to wash the surface gently use toothpaste. Or with small jewelry brush clean silver ornaments of the thin seam, and then use rub silver cloth graze its surface, can immediately restore original beautiful. Keep the silver dry, don't wear swimming, do not close to the hot springs and sea water. Need not when can use cotton or face gently dry surface, clear water and dirt, it placed in sealed bags or boxes, avoid contact with air. Silver ornament wear over time will turn black, because silver sulfide react with sulfur in the air, make the silver surface stains. Cleaning methods: lipstick contains emulsifier and titanium oxide, they can remove the stains on the surface of the silver, so can make the silver light, toothpaste can also clean silver, but toothpaste particles is bigger, easy to wear silver surface. Step 1: put the tissue paper folded several times, in lipstick on paper towels. Step 2: polished silver. Paper towel turned black, silver light. How do silver ornaments on the dirt clean? In fact, the best maintenance method of silver is wearing every day, because the body fat can make produce natural moist luster.
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