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How can true and false silver on sight?

by:Kirin      2020-09-10

silver wholesale manufacturers said: now the silver ornaments is thousands of fine silver, fine silver, 925 sterling silver jewelry and other imitation silver jewelry, magnetic attraction with imitation silver jewelry in the content of nickel, iron, high and low, small amount of words with magnet detection effect is not obvious, but usually the silver material will soon be sucked up, but to join the silver said silver between relies on spectrum examination, this is a very detailed process, but the data analysis of the test center is very rigorous, multiple data display to show silver authenticity issue, for silver of true and false, how can we better see at a glance? For such a situation we need from the following several aspects to understand, also need to go from the guide from the following several aspects: first, with solid acid: silver encounter any acid will change color, even dissolve. If in silver jewelry inside a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid and will immediately generate white moss of silver chloride precipitation. And other precious metals, no this phenomenon. Second: look at the price: the price of the Shanghai gold exchange silver is about more than 5 pieces per gram, it doesn't add purchasing cost, process cost, etc. , if the price is low, is certainly not enough purity or fake. Third: see sign: according to the regulations of the state, the silver content of silver jewelry must accurately label, when consumer is bought come see whether there is about the purity on jewelry. Fourth: phonology: listen to the sterling silver jewelry after landing sound dull, lifeless. If the copper, the higher and sharp, shortness of rhymes and short; Fifth: check hardness: silver hardness is low, with handle gently fold the silver, high colour easy bending is not easy to break. Or with a pin inconspicuous place. Sixth: see color: silver jewelry is silver with yellow, slightly more polished. Seven: ok weight: silver density is generally common metal slightly larger, 10. 53 grams/cubic centimeter, thus DianDian weight can make a preliminary judgment about whether its for silver.

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