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Health is the silver you need?

by:Kirin      2020-09-25

know silver knows that silver is can bring you health, so health is you need? Is you can accept? Many people may be to this question, but silver wholesale network introduce our silver, only everybody full awareness of these points can better understand yourself if silver is meets the needs of all of us. Silver popular with the world, not just its noble attributes and fine texture, silver ions has strong sterilization effect, good for human body, and can do inspection tools. But he USES in medicine, it is also very much, silver wholesale specific what needs to be told us some questions about the silver popular: first: the human body every day some rejection of our body are discharged & other; Toxins & throughout; , whereas silver can absorb these & other; Toxins & throughout; , which is why some people display their silver lead to black. So has existed since ancient times the custom of wearing silver make babies, but also for good baby expel & other Congenital disease & throughout; 。 The second: use the silver to test for a toxic food, because silver with many toxins can happen chemical reaction, make silver black, easy to identify to the naked eye. Third: the thermal conductivity of silver is one of the most prominent in all metals, blood vessels can quickly send out quantity of heat, assumes that the thermal conductivity of silver is 100, so gold is 53. 2, the iron is 11. 6, platinum is 8. 2, the bright heat conduction performance quickly reduce the quantity of heat of blood, prevent various diseases have remarkable curative effect. Fourth: silver have excellent antibiotics and sterilization effect, the average antibiotics can only play a role to 6 kinds of fungus, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria.

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