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Handmade silver, silver city personality

by:Kirin      2020-09-11

the existence of gold and silver craftsman more long than tang poetry, and ancient Chinese daily life all fields of arts and crafts heritage gradually lose power and ecology. In an age of shanzhai, also ushered in the manual of the Renaissance. Manual work has an indelible personal flavor, producers will own personality, emotion, experience into the work. In this era of full of personality, shenzhen alum embellish yincheng trade co. , LTD. Has been committed to create the most suitable for each customer's personal jewelry. Period, some customers want to personally make jewelry but I do not know why, here to share some knowledge of handmade silver. Directly on the metal work, complete the work, can be called the metalworking, Japan called eagle gold. And the convenience of DIY with silver clay and play different heart, silversmith is an ancient and professional technicians. Metalworking and silver clay difference Yu Sucai metalworking and silver clay. Metalworking first with precious metal. By sawing, lamented, knock, carving, etc. , and then welding, grinding and polishing. Silver clay is treated in a special silver material with clay properties like knead clay make its forming and then baked with special equipment, suitable for silver self-important. Metalworking and lost wax casting difference method. Metalworking is directly on the precious metal work, complete the whole production, is mainly used for the silver version or personality custom jewelry production. Lost wax casting process: the original moulded into silicon mold, chip module after wax wax mold, injection wax mold wax tree, perfusion in the sleeve heat gypsum, gypsum by pumping air into vacuum state, natural hardening and drying after casting, the metal cools will be cast into the cold water wash, take out the castings after pickling, rinsing, cut out the blank for rolling light, then after the surface treatment of mould and Mosaic, namely. Lost wax casting casting method is vacuum casting, centrifugal casting and vacuum centrifugal casting, etc. , is a major means of production in the jewelry manufacturing industry. Hand made the most basic building materials is an idea and a hands.

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