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Gold earrings elegant collocation of the code of conduct

by:Kirin      2020-03-14
Do you think gold earrings difficult to manage? Do you know the pure gold earrings elegant collocation rules? Whether to know how to use the pure gold earrings add oneself mature women's charm? With pure gold earrings, not only add brilliance, face more able to cooperate with all kinds of hair, show a unique flavor and personal style. First: on the face and gold earrings 1: oval face by your ear nails, such can transverse attract the attention of people, achieve the best effect. 2: heart-shaped face can choose the sort of bottom width, upper narrow pure gold earrings, used to balance the narrow chin feeling, like water droplets form, triangle or stud earrings are good. 3: round face earrings to reach the effect of spin. Drops of pure gold earrings soft lines, and very suitable for round face shape. 4: water pure gold earrings earrings could prolong a square face, is the best choice. 5: diamond face people may follow the principle of ovoid to choose earrings, but the face also is suitable for that kind of various, angular earrings, so clear crystal earrings to match the diamond face line of effect is very good. Second: about the collocation of hairstyle and gold earrings 1: long hair lady, simple and romantic earrings can appear intellectual elegant design. Button style or small annular pure gold earrings for you, pay attention to when choose the appearance of hoop earrings are full. 2: short hair woman, clean style can reflect your most beautiful. So ear type button or popular package pure gold earrings to fit you very well, should pay attention to when choose the pure gold earrings have to is bright. 3: long hair lady, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese magnificent earrings will make you look attractive. The vertical chain of pure gold earrings but the best, pay attention to when choose hanging chain interface is strong.
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