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Four big mistake to buy jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-03-18
Buy jewelry four big error myth: think can buy pure gold hedging mentality and purchasing due to pure to hold, when the choose and buy jewelry, many new people will give up K gold, and choose pure gold. For new people, however, the wedding jewelry is the most important is not the price, but its marriage with memorable for you. A unique design, consistent with their own temperament of jewelry, is the most suitable for the bride, rather than choose a ordinary jewelry, might as well choose a memorial significance of jewelry. Too soft, pure, on the other hand, is not very good set up jewellery, and easy to deformation, is not such as 18 k gold, 14 k gold to be & other; Constant throughout the &; 。 Erroneous zone 2: jewelry is very expensive, afford when it comes to jewelry, many people will think of a word in your heart, dear. In fact, jewelry is not the same as luxury, because jewelry has the high, medium and low-grade division, class is different, the price has a very big distinction. In our country many jewelry prices are very friendly, but carry out the effect is quite good, so the new people can completely according to their own abilities and preferences to select an appropriate jewelry. Myth 3: low price to buy high quality jewelry, average person can buy jewelry, that is cheap money can buy high quality jewelry? The answer is no, and not necessarily good, especially for some jade jewelry. A lot of people in the choose and buy when there may be a lucky psychology, holding this attitude will only make you fall into the trap of illegal businessmen, make you do more harm than good. Small make up recommend that new people to the big brands jeweler high credibility to the choose and buy jewelry, and buy, be sure to look have the relevant authority and grant, and a detailed shopping vouchers, it can ensure that your interests are not damaged. Myth: blind pursue high clarity, high chromaticity many brides think diamonds clarity, the higher the chromaticity, diamond, the better, actually otherwise, because really decided to diamond quality is diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of four aspects, namely we referred to as '& other 4C” Grading. Only comprehensive score high diamond, is the best. So the couple buying diamonds should, considering all aspects of the don't when the basis to determine the quality of the diamond.
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