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For expired cosmetics wholesale network will teach you how to use the silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-02

a lot of female friends would like to know some issues about silver wholesale collocation, but buy so many many things will be out of date, how should we do for such a situation? How do you make yourself clear understand some protect skin to taste outdated usage? Silver wholesale network according to your some idea to us about the following points about some overdue skin care products and other useful perfume: first: shampoo, detergent, collar net can be used as a wool products. Because the shampoo contains hair softener, can make the sweater wool products such as soft fragrance; Can also wash collars, cap, pillow towel, etc and hair close contact with clothing. Second: lipstick, can wipe the silver ornament, or repair the leather. Lipstick painted on a napkin, repeatedly polished silver or jewelry black, was taken on a new look; After the leather wear white skin stubbles, wipe on the same color of the lipstick, then coated with a layer of egg white. Third: perfume: spray in the bathroom, room, car as pure and fresh agent, or to add fragrance to wash your clothes; Spray on cotton pad to wipe traces of adhesive tape to stay; Can be used to wipe the lamps and lanterns, decontamination, send out through heat lamps and lanterns, aroma, and have the action of fragrance. Fourth: cleanser: can be used to wash hands, wash feet, shaving cream, or when the cleaner scrub collar, sleeves, travel, etc. Fifth: outdated silver, can be put in storage tank put a period of time, believe that the appropriate time will once again come out to meet everyone, besides silver will never out of date, they have a top design team, designed silver is absolutely you are very classic.

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