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Fast coming on March 8, do you want to give his wife some what?

by:Kirin      2020-08-31

2014 years of women's festival is coming again, for this special day to send to his wife? To send his wife a little gift? Mau embellish silver city, you are advised to give his wife some silver ornament, as some sterling silver jewelry & ndash; Mustard, necklace, bracelet, etc can be chosen a for his wife. So give wife chose a sterling silver jewelry, so how to maintain? Mau embellish silver city told us a few questions about sterling silver jewelry maintenance to explain in detail: first: don't wear other precious metals silver jewellery, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. Second: after each wear cotton cloth or paper gently dry surface are available, and remove moisture and dirt, and store them in sealed bag, avoid contact with air. Third: prevent and sulfur and its compounds such as discoloration caused by long-term contact metamorphism. Fourth: when in the bath, laundry, should remove the silver, in case accessories meet alkali products. Fifth: to avoid and hair gel, perfume, skin care products together, because that would lead to shine. 6: daily cleaning of soil solution: a squeeze toothpaste on silver, add water, knead appropriate to small white bubble, then rush clean with clear water can resume shine. Seventh: avoid contact with water and chemicals, don't wear swimming, especially to the sea. Eight: sports, do manual work, should avoid to wear jewelry, otherwise easy to cause accessories lost collision deformation or fracture. In this particular time, give her the most attentively sterling silver jewelry, give her a surprise, give her a love, let she can fully understand your love for her.

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