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Fashion jewelry wholesale network help you choose a different earrings according to your face

by:Kirin      2020-09-12

wholesale fashion jewelry for everyone it is always have different choice, is also a lot of female friends choose object, aimed at the question how to more fully understand some questions about fashion jewelry wholesale? Here to tell you what time about a variety of different face how to wear earrings, let us in choosing a earrings are more about sex: first: round face, unfavorable choose to increase the width of the face are earrings, those too grandiose vertical type earrings is not appropriate. Optional, longifolia, zigzag, rectangular, tears type, such as the traditional post ear type gem diamond earrings. The second: earrings with the colour and lustre and skin color can not be ignored. Skin color is white, suitable for wearing a pink or dark red earrings; Yellow skin person should wear red earrings; Color is black can choose white earrings; Tan appropriate chooses to wear white earrings; Golden earrings for a variety of color can choose. Third: elliptical face to choose can properly increase the width of the face are earrings is preferred, such as the big square or circular earrings, other than long earrings. Fourth: lady with a pair of glasses, appropriate chooses the earrings quietly elegant of colour and lustre, simple structure, unfavorable choose wearing colour profusion, the design of complex structure. Fifth: square face, optional has curly lines earrings, or choose a round, button type, vertical type, but unfavorable choose square earrings. Sixth: heart-shaped face to choose to increase the width of the lower face of earrings, such as triangular, large circular vertical type earrings are exaggerated. Seven: ms neck is long, is better to choose vertical type earrings; Rather short, unfavorable choose vertical type, and to choose to wear ear type is better. The earrings wholesale fashion jewelry factory is a professional experts, their demand for different women not the same, if we can within the scope of the better know some questions about fashion jewelry, can better focus our earrings.

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