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Fashion jewelry is every girl pursue act the role ofing is tasted

by:Kirin      2020-09-13

popular jewelry wholesale manufacturers said: every girl has a dream in the heart, a little dream, a naive dream, a pursuit of the beautiful dream, a dream, let oneself become more confident some dream like that how to better, more comprehensive understanding of fashion jewelry is our pursuit of each girl? How to buy the best fashion jewelry? Mau embellish city professional wholesaler of silver, silver for silver popularity they have better understanding, so tell us what time on questions of fashion jewelry, let us better and more comprehensive understanding of a few some problems about fashion jewelry, here tell us what time about all sorts of different people adorn article symbolic meaning: first: the art of jewelry: some people like to buy handmade jewelry, or homemade decorations, everything is different. This kind of person is a creative person, if XiangWenYi or drama development or construction work, there must be a success. Second: silver jewelry: like to wear Argentine jewellery is an orderly person, doing things like to make good in advance in accordance with the rules, especially the daily routine work, and make people don't like all of a sudden surprise. Third: religious decorations: some people love a little cross or other religious means small decorations, do have a deep inner strength, proud to own quality. Is the actual human, no broken and don't want there to be showing off ingredients decorations in the body, more do not wear fake jewelry. Fourth: visible jewelry: like to wear a lot of jewelry, such as big earrings, big pectoral, the color fake gems, etc. , are mostly carefree person, have a good sense of humor, likes to highlight their in all. Welcome, ready to help others, also can be good with people. Fifth: family jewelry: some women like Dai Jiachuan jewelry, bracelet, s. w old earrings and rings, or a pair of old cuff or plastron, not to buy the modern jewelry, unique fashion accessories. Such people are keen on the family, loyal to family, also very loyal to friends.

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