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Everyone is worried about silver black

by:Kirin      2020-08-23

silver for silver wholesale manufacturers said the black is normal, if you want the silver can better show in front of everyone need different degree of let silver become more beautiful, so black can affect the aesthetic of silver, silver wholesale manufacturer in here to give you a few questions about some of black, allowing you to fully understand the problem of silver black, in the process of wearing a silver in the future will pay more attention to maintenance: first: the air and other natural medium sulfur, nitric acid and oxide has certain corrosion effect on silver city. Silver jewelry to wear longer, sulfur and silver compound will be in silver jewelry surface form a layer of black silver sulfide film, began to show the small spots, and then spread into a raw, forming scale silver or silver mould, people usually said into black, the serious influence to the surface of the silver jewelry color and luster. Second: because everyone endocrine structure is different, some people's sweat acid is more, some less, some people of ammonia content is higher, so wear silver produced different results, acid easy to black, no acid is not easy to black, and even some grease is secreted exuberant people can bring their own silver glossy. Silver is acted the role of professional wholesale manufacturers give us about 2 o 'clock make silver black some problems, so we need to understand these problems can better let silver better maintenance, let us become more beautiful.

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