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Elaborate gold and silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-21

there is no 100% pure gold, pure gold is by far the most pure, is nine hundred and ninety-nine over one thousand king marked as: fine, 999 gold, gold999, g999, au999. Purpose: in fact only Asian countries prefer to do with pure gold jewellery, European countries are used to make COINS or bars, gold COINS can do jewelry, western rare jewellery jewelry because of wear-resisting, in use process will produce loss, this is also one of the fatal flaw of the gold standard. Jewelry class usually use K to show that the purity of gold, 24 K is pure gold, 18 K is seven hundred and fifty over one thousand of the gold, 9 K is three hundred and seventy-five over one thousand. 18 k and 9 k are two of the most common jewelry with gold, because the proportion of different of color is different, and the hardness and wear resistance is very good. 18 k, 18 k tag: au750, g7509K tag is: 9 k, au375 g375 ( Au is the chemical symbol for gold) Why have no less than 8 k jewelry? Because of regulations on international gold jewelry shall not be less than three hundred and thirty-three over one thousand as gold. In addition to outside the UK, Europe jewelry has a lot of use 333 mark, is 8 k gold, antique this sign Germany is the most popular. 。 。 Most European countries outside the UK the stamp in percentage terms, now have to switch to K. North America, Asia, the British are generally K gold. In Europe can often see some old jewelry is 10 k, 12 k, 14 k, these use 24 gold content in addition to just know how much is per thousand. K gold is a big reason is that the color of gold is relatively single, and not all is fit for the match with a colored stone, and after mixed with other metal in proportion to the K gold can present a more rich color, and thus there are a lot cheaper merchants a name in order to make better to point that is called rose gold, Mosaic gold, etc. , when buying must look at the Numbers are at the front of the K. It is common for the gold plated jewelry, generally marked by the KGB, such as 18 KGB gold-plated actually not worth, just like a gold foil is a truth, even if it is 24 k gold foil, is not expensive. The ductility of the metal for the simple reason that gold is very good, a gram of gold can be blended into one square metre of chips, and if you don't consider only calculate by length, width of 1 gram of gold can pull 4000 meters of filaments so imagine the value of gold plating and gold foil. Many people's first impression is silver 925 sterling silver jewelry. Actually 925 sterling silver jewelry is nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand silver, this standard is worked out Tiffany company, followed by the international as a standard of sterling silver. Because the silver is very soft and very easy to oxidation, seventy-five over one thousand part of the 925 sterling silver jewelry increases its hardness and oxidation resistance, there are 999 silver, in addition to do silver and silver ingot is seldom used in daily life, 990 silver will be used to do some jewelry, but there is no sign of high performance/price ratio, and 925 of 925 silver with this a few: 925, S925, Sterling is England since the 14th century, these symbols, use today's silver standard, it will have the author standard, urban standard, appraisal standard, date standard, tax standard and purity, standard the six standard/region, of which the author and town logo is the author ever since, the other four are identified by playing. And there's a small place not dozen appraisal standard. There are 800 silver, marked as 800 s, containing 80% silver and 20% copper, high hardness, good elasticity, antique jewelry and tableware in the UK as well as the common household items.

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