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Eight methods, let your silver is like new

by:Kirin      2020-09-15

a lot of people like silver, but I do not know how to maintain it, or even think silver is difficult to maintain, this is not the case. Silver stable chemical properties than platinum and gold, often because of the water in the air or other chemicals and oxidation of black or yellow and lose luster, after knowing this feature, mau embellish yincheng remind you in fact as long as spend little attention in our daily life, can let you wear silver is like new. 1, the best silver maintenance method is to wear every day, because the body fat will make out silver jade natural luster ( Some, of course, exceptions, people sweat itself contains to the composition of silver and black) 。 When you do not wear away at ordinary times, had better use good sealed pockets, the silver surface is exposed to air and prevent oxidation. 2: daily cleaning of soil solution: a squeeze toothpaste on silver, add water, knead appropriate to small white bubble, then rush clean with clear water can resume shine. 3, don't wear other precious metals at a time when wearing a silver jewelry, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. 4, keep the silver dry, don't wear swimming, do not close to the hot springs and when the water is 5, wearing a day with a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the silver, to maintain the luster. But it is best to dedicated rub silver cloth. Rub silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, not washed. 6, if discover the silver signs of change yellow, then you should use small brush cleaning fine seam of ornaments, jewelry and silver milk to drip a drop on the surface of paper, will silver black oxide, wipe the surface, with a wiping cloth silver recovery act the role ofing is tasted the original silvery white and bright. 7, suggest you here: if use mop can recover about eighty percent of silver, silver cloth, without using wiping silver cream and silver wash water, because these products have a certain corrosive, silver used in these products, will be more easy to turn yellow. After several black is hard to wipe the silver white 8, use rub silver cloth, must first identify whether the presence of electroplating; Has plated silver ornaments: layer for sterling silver, doing the current surface treatment; Is divided into general electric plating gold and platinum; Identification of electroplating method luster for its surface appear relatively sterling silver for the light, like a mirror, reflective effect is good, is not easy oxidation.

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