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Dongguan 925 silver wholesale where good?

by:Kirin      2020-09-04

925 silver wholesale is a lot of people want to do business, how the business to do better? This requires us to learn from it, also need to us from a different perspective on, for what do you want to be in dongguan silver business friend, how can we better understand where wholesale 925 silver is better? Here to tell you a few questions, allows you to fully understand: first: 925 silver wholesale and understanding the distinguish true and false silver, put stall in the street of silver bracelets, silver bracelets, silver necklace, the price a few dozen yuan, design also many is similar to real silver, but take a closer look at the inside is hollow, and very light, most made of white brass. Don't keen on gaining petty advantages, silver ornament is no chemical pollution, and the harm to the body, and other metal accessories are plating lead high, wearing those cheap silver ornaments, is allergic, bad to the body, is really silver ornament surface smooth, bright color, unique design, art and delicate. Second: to know the wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry in the 925 sterling silver jewelry, 925 silver is not less than 92 silver content. 5% of silver, 92. 5% is the purity of silver. Fine silver, silver content of no less than 99% of silver, and other 99' On behalf of sterling silver, silver color is pale, soft, not suitable for gems. Thai silver and silver, is a kind of archaize process of silver ornaments. MiaoYin was produced in yunnan and guizhou miao silver, its composition is not pure silver, is copper, nickel alloy. 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale partners, as long as you can see 925 silver wholesale and some of the problems, I believe you can be more clear understanding of some of its point problem, as long as we are also the starting point of comprehensive look at the problem, we can better understand these problems yourself.

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