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Domestic gold jewelry prices level at the beginning of 2011

by:Kirin      2020-09-16

in the first half of this year, the international gold prices are down about 27%, the domestic price of gold jewelry is early 2011 levels again. Gold over 12 years of unilateral bull market, turned into & other; A bear market & throughout; Is a foregone conclusion. Gold market weakness, however, is far from over, many research institutions, said this wave of gold bear market or will continue into 2015. This year is a new bull market in gold bear market the turn of the year, at the beginning of the international gold price has risen from $1675 an ounce fell to $1234 / ounce by the end of June. International gold prices are close to the $1000 to $1100 an ounce of comprehensive production cost. Affected by the international gold prices, the domestic gold downgrades of gold. As of July 2, the world's largest gold exchange-traded fund SPDRGoldTrust gold holdings have fallen to 968. 3 tons, from December 2012 peak of 1353 tons of 28. 4%, which is below 1000 tons for the first time in four years. Nanhua futures institute jing-jing zhang thinks, the economy is improving in multiple countries around the world, the American economy has identified into the recovery phase, also in Europe & other; After the crisis & throughout; Time, the investment capital is gradually withdraw from the market, turned into the stock market, since early 2013 the us stock market reached new highs, Japan's stock market also rushed to nearly four years high. Several international financial institutions slashed prices expected. Goldman sachs recently pointed out that after the fed cut bond purchases as well as investors sold exchange product position, slide will continue, gold is expected by the end of next year, fell to $1050 an ounce, the $1270 / ounce estimated 17% lower than last time. Credit suisse commodities research agency predicted it will be within 12 months fell to $1150 / ounce. Morgan Stanley also forecast by 16% in 2014, it is pointed out that reducing the demand for safe-haven assets is the cause. QiBinXian easy trade research center analyst pointed out that the fed's quantitative easing policy, will reduce the attractiveness of gold as a hedging hedge tool, the indication of the probability of gold prices further downward pressure is bigger, in the context of the U. S. economic recovery prospects, a stronger dollar and rising risk appetite, short term gold is difficult to have a big improvement. In April, is expected to slump marked gold bear market at least through the first quarter of 2015, the price also will be even lower at $1200 / ounce.

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