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Diamond will be broken

by:Kirin      2020-03-18
Diamond, is a kind of after one hundred million, formed by high pressure and high temperature gem, it bright shining appearance, its hardness is very high, because the composition of the diamond is very single, so it is regarded as a symbol of loyalty and eternal love, this is the special significance, also that the diamonds were covered with a layer of mysterious color. For diamonds, most people know is hard, it can be easily cut any substance, of all the natural mineral is the highest hardness. But with all kinds of diamond cataclastic news report, a lot of people also a new understanding to the diamond. The diamond will be broken? The chemical composition of the diamond: although a lot of people are like diamonds, but for diamond really know people are few and far between. Daily wear diamonds, often see such scene, diamond after impact fracture, at this time a lot of people will feel incredible, might even think of buying their own diamonds are fake. Diamond will be broken, actually does not mean that diamond is a fake. As long as we understand the chemical composition of the diamond can be understand, the main components of the diamond is carbon element, its synthesis is very single, although there will be some impurities in parts of the diamond, but its content is very small, basically can be neglected. It is because of the chemical composition of the diamond single, so it is also very afraid of the impact, after a strong impact, diamond may be broken at once. Additional diamond although fragile, but its chemical properties is very stable, basically does not dissolve in any of the acid and alkali substances. Diamond hardness and brittleness: most people would think diamond is indestructible, however, will not damage for diamonds. This understanding is wrong, even though the hardness of diamond is very high, can be easily cut any material, but at the same time its brittleness is very high. When diamond in case of some external force, it will crack of understanding or is shattered. In other words, the higher the hardness of diamond and its brittleness is stronger, in a nutshell is under the action of external force, diamond will be very easy to fracture. Due to the characteristics of the diamond, so in the process of wearing them, in order to avoid the broken diamonds, diamonds, try not to use force to impact in some violent activities at the same time, also do not wear diamond jewelry. Diamond is not indestructible material, although it has a strong appearance, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, can also lead to broken diamonds. People will like them to love, like love, diamonds have need your reasonable maintenance, so diamond can permanent bright, love can only be sweet happiness.
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