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Detail the origin and inheritance treasure technology

by:Kirin      2020-09-22

silver bracelet on her wrist, very conspicuous handmade trace, in the eyes of some people, may not be able to accept such a seemingly a little rough, handmade silver, I only can love the smell of the flavor of earthly fireworks technique of decorations. Ancient silver art is faith a unique production process, that is what I like from the side of faith for their ACTS. Because near sind rim headquarters, where collected faith all brands, when leisure, always involuntarily into there, together with designers realize the incarnations of the old metal, traces the origin and inheritance of their craft. Our ancestors used gold than the use of silver time early, archaeological discoveries as early as three thousand years ago in the shang dynasty started to use gold. In many parts of the shang dynasty sites in our country, there are more small unearthed gold and silver ornaments, fully prove as early as three thousand years ago, our country had already mastered the gold and silver production techniques. The most impressive is the sichuan guanghan sanxingdui unearthed a number of gold, not only are numerous, and form a unique style. The gold mask body clock, gold, gold arm Ji, gold scepter, such as the most characteristic, therefore, when people have begun to put the gold and silver articles used as decorations. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the central plains and the southern region of treasure and remote minority areas of northern xiongnu and treasure style is very different from the characteristics of shape and decoration. Its production technology has reached a very high level, made the treasure is very beautiful and delicate, shape and decorative pattern is developed based on the bronze craft. Remote minority areas of the northern xiongnu and treasure unearthed in Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, shaanxi and other places, the most main findings Yu Dongzhou aristocrat tomb and nomadic aristocrat tomb of the warring states period, in the majority with jewelry and harness on the trim, and a few gold and silver vessels, but the process has reached a mature level. Qin and han dynasties, is the first time in the history of our country big unification. Bronze decline during this period, the iron to thrive, and treasure is finished with bronze & other Mentoring relationship & throughout; Walked out of the bronze attached shadow, and started on the path of independent development, become a kind of special manual craft categories. Qin dynasty treasure unearthed material is less, and to the han period, the general improvement in quality and quantity of the treasure, especially the craft began to develop in the direction of fret, pinched wire, welding, set with details such as gold and silver are relatively mature. Was made of gold, gold crown and so on are very good. Due to the development of gold and silver details, formed a unique production process, so that the treasure separated from bronze ware made the traditional craft of making, become a kind of independent type process. Basic technology, to say the two han period, gold and silver ornaments has taken shape, for the prosperity of treasure of tang and song dynasty laid a solid foundation. Wei jin southern and northern dynasties period, the central plains war is frequent, have done serious damage to social economy. But on the other hand, all ethnic groups in the lives of long-term coexistence, mutual confluence, especially the north appeared the situation of ethnic fusion; South relatively stable society and the economy has larger development, science and culture in succession on the basis of the former generation of outstanding achievements and new contribution, to further expand exchanges with foreign countries, culture and art also got unprecedented development. At the same time, along with the spread of Buddhism and art, the production and function of the treasure are affected. According to archaeological discoveries, the large number of treasure this period, and give priority to with decorations. At the same time, from central Asia, west Asia input a lot amount of treasure and ornaments; Western shape and production process in this period have reflected on the decorations and container. Overall, treasure in this period not only inherited the tradition of the qin and han dynasties, and learn from the different ethnic groups and western countries the essence of gold and silver craft, who, for datangshengshi laid a solid foundation for the development of gold and silver vessels. Sui and tang dynasties is China feudal society's rise, further unified multi-ethnic country, the social economy presents the unprecedented prosperity, and the ruling class in pursuit of luxury life, extensive use of gold and silver as decorations, thus promoting the development of handicraft industry in the sui and tang dynasties treasure. Sui dynasty lasted for 37 years, the time is shorter, sui dynasty treasure so far only found some jinbei, gold bracelet and gold necklace, gold rings and silver, silver chopsticks, silver spoon, etc. Only from the point of this a few pieces of treasure, also have no way to understand the sui dynasty treasure of the whole process. While the idea of the tang dynasty in the treasure, is good at summarizing and inheriting predecessors' achievements, and open-minded, rich nutrition absorption and digestion of foreign culture, as a result, the superb production technology, the pattern of elegant, breed is various, is unprecedented. This colourful, bright is dazzing, new culture, to treasure later had a profound impact.

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