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by:Kirin      2020-03-28
Jewelry weibo number: https://weibo. Com/missgzb welcome everyone to come to guangzhou jewelry is a focus on interaction: K gold jewelry, 925 sterling silver, copper processing factory, the factory is located in the world of jewelry processing, guangzhou guangzhou area, factory area of 1200 square meters; More than 10 years experience technicians more than 30 people, equipped with complete production equipment, CAD design, edition, mold, molding, polishing, hand set, wax setting, electroplating and other finished products through-train service; For the domestic and foreign customers: trade orders, OEM processing, the original design, brand OEM, corporate gifts custom; Mainly include: 999 sterling silver, 14 k and 18 k, 925 sterling silver, diamonds, precious stones, zircon, etc, more than 100 kinds of processing enchases craft; Welcome friends from all over the world and the company establish a good long-term partner, hand in hand, create brilliant;
have manifold 925 silver jewelry supplier effects, ranging from 925 silver stud earrings to fine silver rings.
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Latest technology and manufacturing equipment has improved the quality of 925 silver jewelry supplier.
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