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Custom jewelry and what is the difference between the finished jewelry? Why do prices have gap?

by:Kirin      2020-08-16

finished jewelry: through the machine, mold assembly line production, the same style of jewelry will produce thousands or even tens of thousands of pieces of the same jewelry need to each individual to make the template, also do not need to design conception, design, plate making fee has been split into thousands of pieces of jewelry, such as low price.

custom jewelry: according to customer drawings by hand carving wax pattern, material, casting after manually retouching, welding, grinding, polishing, Mosaic, such as more steps to produce finished products, your design style that's something! We won't keep (custom-made accessories template In addition to the customer's requirement) Don't sell the manufacture, so custom jewelry includes carved stencil, artificial, cost of die, etc, so the price slightly higher.

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