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Classification of insider tells you how silver

by:Kirin      2020-08-25

for fashion jewelry wholesale a lot of people don't know how to really understand some problems about the silver, the popular adorn article how to fully understand some of the problems the silver? In fact, as long as everyone fully understand pop act the role ofing is tasted some of the structure, material, style believe a lot of people can buy the best silver, only in this way can more comprehensive to points clear what kind of silver is my favorite. Of 925 silver jewelry fashion jewelry wholesalers store after polishing presents a stunning metallic luster, and also have a certain strength, can gems, make high-end jewelry, that result in the customer's widely popular, in addition to 925 sterling silver jewelry, there are some black silver, silver, silver color silver, Thai silver, MiaoYin, naxi varieties such as scattered in every corner of the market, identify them, of course, only by fashion jewelry wholesalers such professional personage, ordinary consumers can not recognize. So, want to go deeper into the silver wholesale requires comprehensive understanding of some classification of fashion jewelry, only such ability won't buy fakes, carrion, cheap. Fashion jewelry wholesale said silver is acted the role of the market now according to the standard provisions of the state is divided into 990 silver, 925 silver, 800 silver, is now, of course, the market generally sell 925 silver, the so-called 925 silver jewelry is silver manufacturers say content 'for 92. Add more 7 5% pure silver. 5% of the alloy, join alloy, silver to explain is to give the silver sheen, brightness and hardness are improved.

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