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Choose the silver ornament

by:Kirin      2020-03-22
Dazzling diamond earrings, can you add a lot of charm, and the silver earrings that restore ancient ways, can make you much a few minutes classic beauty, a lot of people like wearing silver ornaments, silver now have a lot of brand, design, in terms of choice of silver ornament, friends is very confused, so silver ornament exactly how to choose, now take a look at the specific techniques. Choose the method of silver ornament: check the silver ornament color: silver ornament, the higher the purity, color is white, the surface of the jewelry looks even shine, such as silver ornaments contain lead, jewelry will present green gray, if contain copper, jewelry surface will appear more rough, not moist sense. Listen to silver ornament voice: sterling silver jewelry behind the ground is a voice but there is no stretch, colour is lower, the higher the sound with rhymes, if copper, sound will be even more pointed, shortness of rhymes and short, if is lead, voice more depressing, short and there is no stretch. According to the silver ornament craft choice: silver ornament process consists of bright silver, color silver, Thai silver, which is divided into gems that plain silver inlaid Mosaic classes and not class. Bright silver, usually by the silver ornament surface plating silver not only have the luster like the platinum, and for a long time is not easy to be oxidized. Primary silver: this kind of silver is without any processing, manually by half or full handmade craft, make silver ornaments to maintain the original natural style. Thai silver: the silver ornament is the style that restore ancient ways, through artificial sulfide, let do old silver ornament oxidation, design is not only elegant and personality to rest. Wearing silver ornaments can well reveal personal temperament and taste, so friends to be careful when choosing silver ornaments, the above is the summary for everybody to choose the technique of silver ornaments, friends can consider the good, to believe that by learning and understanding, friends will be able to choose to the satisfaction of silver ornaments, so prepare silver ornament of choose and buy friends still etc. What, hurry to select.
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