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Choose the silver is need to listen, look, look, weigh in hand

by:Kirin      2020-09-01

silver wholesale manufacturers said: choose the silver is need to listen, look, look, ok, for this a few steps, a lot of people at the time of choosing silver did not completely to understand some of the problems, the silver just learned about some problems of silver, from local to this problem we need to know from a few differences between comprehensive to be better to let you know some methods of silver, only in this way can better and more comprehensive selected authentic silver: first: phonology: listen to the pure silver ornaments thud, lifeless, sound as lindsey dalai lindsey dalai. Colour is lower, the lower the sound, and sound the tip of the high and with rhyme; If the copper, the higher and sharp, shortness of rhymes and short; For lead, tin, texture, toss a deep voice, short, and no elasticity. Second: check hardness, hardness is lower than copper, silver, lead and tin, available pin cross jewelry inconspicuous place, such as needle sliding, the surface is hard to leave a mark, can be judged to be copper decorations; Such as lead, tin, texture mark is very obvious, outstanding; Such as physical volcanism and less obvious, can be initially determined for silver jewelry. Third: see color: the higher the purity, white, silver jewelry surface looks even shine, polishing. If the lead, jewelry can present a green gray; Such as copper, jewelry surface can be rough, color not moist sense. Fourth: ok weight: silver density is generally common metal slightly larger, generally speaking, both light, silver, copper, light and heavy. Thus DianDian weight can make a preliminary judgment about whether its for silver. If act the role ofing is tasted, larger and lighter weight, the preliminary judging the adorn article belong to other metals.

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