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Choose the crystal pendant six methods

by:Kirin      2020-03-22
With its glittering and translucent crystal body brings infinite daydream. Both romantic purple crystal, and riches and honour auspicious yellow crystal symbol is all good. So how can you pick out the best crystal? Let us follow the jewelry below small make up together to get to know the selected six methods of crystal pendant! ! ! ! Choose the crystal pendant six method 1. See polishing: want to crystal look more attractive, so its good or bad will directly affect the polishing crystal products value. Of course polishing generally divided into hard and soft polishing polishing. You can when trying to choose the actual observation and judgment. 2. See material: when choosing crystal pendant, the first thing to know to choose the excellent material, because generally make crystal products are with good material can't see the gate and the existence of cotton wool. Their quality is very pure, sleek, glittering and translucent. White crystal pendant, of course, is the best? 3. See culture: as you all know, if the crystal inclusions inside the pictographic, can with culture, religion and history has certain relevance, so prices tend to be higher than the value of the crystal itself a lot. 4. See hole: for crystal pendant, it is perfect or not, and the perforation, ok also has a direct relationship. When selected, to see whether the hole is not straight, hole thickness is uniform and of course look have tiny crack. Hole wall must be clear and transparent. 5. Work: crystal pendant in the process of processing are generally divided into grinder and decor. Such as crystal bracelet, crystal earrings, belong to grinding, and pendant with the above design belong to carving. So everyone in the choice of time, be sure to see what kind of work the crystal. 6. See color: the same kind of crystal is also not the same color, generally because of the different parts of the crystal texture, color can produce different forms. Monochrome crystal are in chromaticity above wants even, of course. If there are shades of color on the same piece of crystal, so the grain would require it to Jane the beauty is generous.
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