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Choose sterling silver jewelry need to understand a few skills

by:Kirin      2020-08-31

for sterling silver jewelry wholesale and we always have a choice of more or less, in the face of such situation how to better understand clearly choose sterling silver jewelry need to understand what skills? Mau embellish silver city is silver is acted the role of professional wholesale company, as a result, they help us to analyze some selected sterling silver jewelry a few skills, let us fully understand the sterling silver jewelry: the first: choose sterling silver jewelry need to weigh in hand weight: silver density is generally common metal slightly larger, generally speaking, both light, silver, copper, light and not heavy. Thus DianDian weight can make a preliminary judgment about whether its for silver. If act the role ofing is tasted, larger and lighter weight, the preliminary judging the adorn article belong to other metals. Second: phonology: choose sterling silver jewelry need to listen to pure silver jewelry thud, lifeless, sound as lindsey dalai lindsey dalai. Colour is lower, the lower the sound, and sound the tip of the high and with rhyme; If the copper, the higher and sharp, shortness of rhymes and short; For lead, tin, texture, toss a deep voice, short, and no elasticity. Third: choose sterling silver jewelry need to check the hardness, hardness is lower than copper, silver, lead and tin, available pin cross jewelry inconspicuous place, such as needle sliding, the surface is hard to leave a mark, can be judged to be copper decorations; Such as lead, tin, texture mark is very obvious, outstanding; Such as physical volcanism and less obvious, can be initially determined for silver jewelry. 4: choose sterling silver jewelry need to see color: the higher the purity, white, silver jewelry surface looks even shine, polishing. If the lead, jewelry can present a green gray; Such as copper, jewelry surface can be rough, color not moist sense.

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