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Choose popular silver ornaments need professional fashion

by:Kirin      2020-09-09

silver wholesale manufacturers said groove set or dense set or you just choose white gold ring, you'd better choose fashionable in style and has a classic. Whether you decided to take it as your engagement ring, you can also use it for the love of the anniversary, is really amazing, delicate fancy carving, tiny particles of diamonds and ring on the edge of the filaments process is full of importance. Then choose some silver ornaments need to pay attention to what problem? How to fully understand what fashion eye professional fashion accessories needed? Designers through the elaborate design, suggesting that we mediocre fashion life can be one of the ornaments on at all, and in addition to fashionable and beautiful, it also links with highly sophisticated, perfect balance all maintained by a stealth buckle. Such a unique Christmas gift for atmospheric wise she had not suited most. For design and various style a lot of people can't grasp on this, under the effect of illusion magic, unreal and difficult points each other fabric and jewelry, especially in particular, in the middle of the gem zipper decorated with a string of Huang Jinliu spike, yet think of opportunely, has a unique Oriental gorgeous flavor. GB1187 - according to the national standards 8 p regulation, if the silver content is not less than 925%, is called a 925 sterling silver jewelry, need 925 sterling silver jewelry stamp on; If the silver content not less than 990%, call it the fine silver, also want to make fine silver stamp, or can also be made in the silver jewelry 990 silver stamp on. Second, in silver, the higher purity, silver white, and surface smooth, uniform, polishing. And if lead mass of silver, its surface color with green gray; Such as containing copper, the surface roughness has a dry feeling. If is the silver is oxidized, its surface has black rust, but it still bright color and black color and lead, tin, copper is not the luster.

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