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Choose according to oneself circumstance to wear jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-03-21
A, should pay attention to appearance design is pure gold jewelry easy deformation, be sure to see the overall shape without deformation. Texture on the surface of the gold jewelry also cannot ignore, should choose the surface clear, good brightness, texture uniform fine jewelry. Also note when buying jewelry edge is smooth, fine jewelry work are very sophisticated. Second, pay attention to their daily dressing and places frequented gold jewellery to match with dress occasions can achieve good results. If there is no leader of clothes with necklace ornament, have brought more beautiful clothes to wear earrings. But now the gold jewelry design tend to be younger, is a blend of more design elements in it, more joker. Three, to master identification method is a look at the color and luster, red yellow is best; 2 see density, 19. 32 g/cubic centimeters is pure gold or pure gold; Three see hardness, high colour of gold with fingernails scraping you can leave a mark; 4 look bent degree, the higher the colour of gold jewelry more soft, bending can appear wrinkles, while with impurity more easily broken. Four, according to his face and hands when choosing necklaces earrings according to his own face. Oval face is ideal, is almost all kinds of style can choose; Round face for long and thin earrings, necklaces shoulds not be too short; Square face for elliptic earrings, necklaces longer makes more gentle and lovely face. Bracelet according to wrist thickness shall be choice, the choice of wrist is thinner bracelet with a larger space, if a wrist relatively coarse should choose a unique personal hand catenary, can divert people's attention.
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