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Choice silver must choose 925?

by:Kirin      2020-09-05

925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale network said whether in choosing a silver must choose 925? How much for 925 people know? Here to tell you some problems about 925 silver: capital, the love of beauty in the choose and buy a new dress at the same time, the family of love to adorn winter with accessories. It is understood that the fashion popular accessories in addition to materials like gold, platinum, silver is very popular with young people to the populist price and more various kinds of plastic bo person eyeball. But, let a person become beautiful silver originally, if is not a pure silver and harmful metal paint, so will affect health through the skin into the body, even can also lead to the occurrence of mental retardation and blood diseases such as serious illness, so we when selecting a silver ornament must know something about some problems of 925 sterling silver jewelry, only know these can better understand what kind of silver is good: the silver content of silver ornament must accurately label, when consumer is bought to pass to see if there & jewelry for other S925” With the words. “ S” Is silver the first letter of the English word, & other; 925' Is a sign of sterling silver. As long as there is & other; S925” Can make sure the purchase is a real sterling silver jewelry. 990 fine silver, is the content of 99% pure silver and 1% alloy, because of its hardness is not enough, easy to deformation after made into jewelry, jewelry, and so there are very few manufacturers use it to do the 990 silver used more extensively in the industry. 800 silver is a content of 80% pure silver added 20% of the alloy, because of the lower the purity of silver the easier it is to oxidation, so rarely use it to do jewelry manufacturers. Buy first whiff: pay special attention to it when buying fasteners can fasten and secure. When buying a silver chain will it flat, see if link knot or bending.

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