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Chinese consumption of 925 silver jewelry ornaments from the wedding to be 80%

by:Kirin      2020-09-19

the Chinese consumption 80% from wedding 925 silver jewelry accessories, and in foreign countries to buy 925 silver jewelry is more for investment and collection purpose, foreign consumers to buy 925 silver jewelry budget accounted for about 20% of their annual salary 30% ( About 100000 - 200000 yuan) 。 Why 925 silver jewelry consumption after 10 years of development in our country is still in low? Jade, pearl jewelry, gold and other products still occupy the half of our country's jewelry consumption. Wedding market although the purchasing power of rising year by year, but because of shopping habits, in addition to domestic consumers to buy 925 silver jewelry accessories, are also buying gold and pearl jewelry, such as this makes purchase budget of 925 silver jewelry is reduced. And overseas consumers to purchase category concentration, increased its 925 silver jewelry to buy high prices. At the same time, the domestic consumer awareness of 925 silver jewelry is not high, so the price sensitivity is high, this kind of purchasing psychology is not suitable for the development of high-end, and the price is 925 silver jewelry products. In addition, the domestic jewelry brand high-end jewelry market didn't really go to mining, many high-end 925 silver jewelry brand only hopes that enhance brand awareness, so as to promote the low end of the 925 silver jewelry accessories sales. A latest sword to repeatedly. Industry insiders say the deep meaning of brand high-end, 925 silver jewelry. With the rapid development of economy in our country, high-end news is heard 925 silver jewelry collection, investment, however, due to the liquid circulation channels blocked, many brands to choose wait-and-see attitude, has not really involved in this field. Do high-end 925 sterling silver jewelry jewelry in the domestic market, there is no well? All the high-end varieties of 925 silver jewelry products is just the gimmick of jewelry brand? The development of domestic economy and the improvement of Chinese consumption ability, ability to high-end 925 silver jewelry consumption of consumers, the brand to try in this field will make & lsquo; Nice and delicious & rsquo; Of the product. Look, just as its name implies is to require brand in design, technology and other aspects, make high-end 925 silver jewelry in appearance reflect its real value; Delicious, enterprises should take culture as a starting point, promote the brand in the consumers' mind status, thus affecting the domestic consumers shopping habits and mentality. A good product will have the market, but look from the current market situation, the domestic market of 925 silver jewelry can be like mature markets that also need 5 - abroad Ten years of cultivation and mining. About how to make a delicious sweet and high-end 925 silver jewelry accessories, an industry veteran gives the answer to his heart.

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