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Children wear fake silver allergy how to do?

by:Kirin      2020-08-22

you've already talked about how to choose the time of silver need to be aware of a few questions, if you are not understanding can go to search to find a few articles in the article to see, only understand these to better understand some knowledge about silver, silver, however allergic how to do? Mau embellish silver city silver wholesale manufacturer to tell you about the time the problem of false silver, gold and silver jewelry in general won't cause bad effects to the child's body, but if the children wearing inferior silver containing heavy metals such as lead, chromium, after may cause skin irritation, especially delicate baby skin. What the doctor said: infant without self-control, likes to put, if often inferior silver containing heavy metals contained in the mouth, it may cause heavy metal poisoning. More or less contain impurities in silver, some 925 sterling silver jewelry content in silver and even less than 50%. Some inferior silver in the process of smelting, owing to lack of purification, adorn article will remain some heavy metal. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, even by adding chromium to increase the brightness, the silver lead to adorn article contains a large amount of harmful substances. Therefore, silver wholesale manufacturers say, want to let children reduce allergic probability that turbidity in infancy is best not to give the child take silver, it is important to note when buying silver how can better choice really silver which requires we have certain knowledge of silver.

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