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Bracelet fashion collocation rule

by:Kirin      2020-03-22
Hand catenary whether spring, summer, autumn and winter, love beautiful eyebrow in the United States will be wearing it, but how to put the bracelet match a fashion sense? Just like jewelry below small make up together here to see the fashion bracelet match rule. Classic bracelet, is the most basic design, MM people always desire, no matter how the current fashion trends and easy and relaxed, it is always summer wrist decoration. But is not the same as classic drab, fine detail is where it's superior. So in the choice to pay attention to oh. In addition, more and more of the MM people like the character used to flaunt their own jewelry, taking punk wind line bracelet can very good to show their personality, a few together to take on your wrist, with our own fashion tag immediately, be cool very MM people the best choice. The collocation of fine bracelet is: thin hand catenary, it is necessary to pay more attention to its manual is delicate. Mix all sorts of color of beads and metal decoration, builds a radically different artistic atmosphere, suitable for relaxed dress collocation. Hand catenary, full of sense of drama is always the love of women. Coloured glaze material of bead is the best choice of the eternal summer. What reason not to choose a bracelet like this? Gold bracelet is popular, exaggerated modelling design, character and classic gold foil a bracelet not only texture, wear is also very costly feeling! Leather bracelet: leather, skilled in cool rivet, have qualitative feeling very much, orbit into two times to wear on the hand, looks relaxed, street fashion.
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