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Black pearl earrings price is decided by what

by:Kirin      2020-03-14
Wearing a black pearl earring will be more full of mysterious breath reveal your wisdom and your yong, each pearl pendant is a living, their stories. The black pearl earrings price is decided by what? Size & ndash; China or Japan sea water pearl is usually less than 9 mm in diameter, and the diameter of the black pearl minimum at least also want eight or nine millimeter, so less than 8 mm round black pearl, mostly dyed beads. Color & ndash; Black pearl has a different color of light gray to black color, and the beauty of it is to look with the color tone. Black pearl slowly turning, you can see the slight rainbow flash shifting. No two pearls are the same. If you see a bunch of ( Even if a few) Uniform dark color is consistent, iridescence more black pearl, you will almost certainly it is dyed beads. Dyed beads color glaze over, and the flaws in drilling and aggregation of black deep. This easily observed under the 10 times the magnifying glass. Shape & ndash; If you see the black pearl special round, round black pearl is extremely rare, value is very high. Typical black pearls have a flat circular, pear-shaped, elliptic, irregular shape, many flawed or ring, so you see 'super black pearl luster meat is smooth and very' round 'beauty, it is extremely likely dyeing. Price & ndash; You see the black pearl is surprisingly cheap? A 8 mm round black pearl price in one thousand yuan of above, the same size dyed pearls is only worth a, two hundred yuan. If you lucky enough to use the right price to buy the black pearl, jin ji require merchants on receipt indicating the color of the pearl is natural.
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