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Beautiful woman do you wear silver ornament?

by:Kirin      2020-08-19

sterling silver jewelry is a favorite of women? The beauty of a woman from the heart, from the dress, from the place such as silver, for all kinds of beauty how can define your own beauty comes from the silver, many people don't know what are the functions of the silver, but here to give you details about what time about silver can let you become beautiful, also can let you feel the silver is your best beautiful partner, for such circumstance how to better understand women wear some of the advantages of the silver? The first: silver products can produce magnetic field in a certain range, release huge amounts of silver ions, excitation energy, has the health care effect to human body. Second: silver is the best metal try poison, human bodies emit some everyday & quot; Toxins & quot; , silver can absorb these & quot; Toxins & quot; , which is why some people wear silver lead to black. Third: legends can be wearing silver to ward off bad luck, so is to let children the custom of wearing a silver since ancient times, is conducive to expel & quot; Congenital disease & quot; And ward off evil spirits. Sterling silver jewelry's position in the heart of woman is quite high, if we can better understand the sterling silver jewelry believe we in later life better release the charm of women.

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