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Basic knowledge of jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-08-28

mau embellish silver city establish oneself in the jewelry industry for many years, here to share some basic knowledge about jewelry. To know jewelry, must apply to many chemical, physical, and the basic knowledge of the mineralogy and crystallography. Here we can only be one of the most basic, most simple content makes an outline. A, what is the gem and the jade? Gem broad sense is the most valuable relatively rare type of stone is the most beautiful. It includes special gems and jade two kinds big. Special gem is refers to the natural production of elemental ( Such as natural gold, diamond) Or compounds ( Such as crystal, red, blue) The single crystal mineral. Jade is refers to the single mineral aggregate of one or more minerals of crystalline rocks. Second, the treasure jade stone should have what conditions? As a qualified gemstone should have at least the following three conditions. 1, beautiful: this is the first condition, color pure, transparent immaculate and luster is bright, or show show light color, color, or the cat's eye and other special optical effect. 2, durable: requires to keep gorgeous and the durability of flash, namely must be hard, wear-resisting, and good chemical stability. 3, rare: refers to output scarce for your. What is divided three, types of gems? Gem ( The generalized) Man-made gems natural gem stones simulated stone inorganic synthetic gems gems: meet the process requirements of single mineral crystals, such as diamond, ruby, etc. Jade: meet the process requirements of single mineral or more mineral aggregate composition, such as the jadeite, nephrite, etc. Organic gemstones: its causes and closely related to animals and plants, such as the coral, amber, etc.

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