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Attention to buy gold jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-03-26
The expansion of the gold market development, the illegal businessmen ever-deeper sites, the diversity of gold products style, for young consumers to buy gold jewelry do need to have professional knowledge of gold to support, at least need to know to buy gold jewellery. Buy gold jewelry considerations must be to buy gold jewelry quality assured brand jewelry shopping in department stores or professional websites such as Oriental beauty treasure on the mall to buy, in addition, the following points also need to note: 1, want to have regular tax invoice, indicate: jewelry name, colour, weight, so that the query in the future. According to each age, temperament, shape, and buying motives to choose and buy. At present, a lot of stores sold jewelry jewelry for shenzhen, guangzhou area, its characteristic is design novel, beautiful and easy, but not necessarily very high purity; And zhejiang production accessories, design is more traditional, but relatively high gold content. Carefully check whether accessories without burr, the chain body straight, buckles, joint, such as ear clip is safe. In order to make the bracelet clasp, earrings and the ears of joint top position firmer, lower the colour of these parts. Jewelry to wear is white, this is because of the jewelry and cosmetics, shampoo, detergent, or mousse in contact, such as chemical reaction, so in the process of wear should also be less contact with cosmetics, once happened, can store only asked to solve with invoice. When depositing jewelry at ordinary times, had better use soft cloth, separate each piece of jewelry packaging, in order to avoid rubbing against each other, causing damage. Buy a piece of jewelry, first through senses to test, it can be divided into: see color, pure is a deep yellow, K gold have yellow, red, white color, and imitation gold products mostly for copper alloy, shallow color. Ok weight: the proportion of gold to 19. 3 g/cm3, much higher than the proportion of imitation gold products. As pure gold ring for 5 grams left and right sides, and the same size imitation gold products generally less than 3 g. Pure gold is soft, easy to be bent, easy to be hard leave scratches. Buy jewelry, still need to carefully check whether gem-set, welding firm, with and without fracture, burr, sand holes, etc. If needs to accurately know the content of the precious metal jewelry or occurrence quality dispute, should be quality inspection to the jewelry testing agencies, adopt the method of physical or chemical analysis for identification.
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