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Are you still upset for silver black?

by:Kirin      2020-08-26

there is always some problems for silver black, also can let our life have trouble, so we need to fundamentally to solve this problem, as long as you solve the problem to make us more comprehensive silver achieve perfect state show in people's hearts, therefore, silver ornaments wholesale manufacturers indicate the several aspects to the us here, let's silver ornament more wear more bright: first: using ultrasonic method or family in phosphoric acid cleaning fluid for cleaning cleaning method, this method is the most effective. Second: with ammonium bicarbonate ( Commonly known as bicarbonate of soda) Solution soaked, and then a few scraps of aluminium in jewelry, heating together, can remove spots, reply. Reason is that aluminum react with ammonium bicarbonate to release hydrogen and hydrogen can soon make the sulfide reduction for metallic silver stain and discharges of sulfur. The third: the ammonia solution as the cleaning fluid, it is widely used in the traditional jewelry line, but the effect is slightly inferior to the phosphoric acid cleaning fluid. Fourth: wash with hot, soapy water solution of 1%, with sodium thiosulfate solution wetting surface, then wipe with flannelette, can make the silver clean. Fifth: xi a pack of wash photos with the development of powder, mixed with 1 kg of water to form a solution, soak silver jewellery soak for 5 minutes, then remove with clean water, wipe dry with a soft cloth. Want to become a beautiful woman, you have to make the silver ornament more bright, silver ornaments wholesale manufacturers give us these aspects are very practical, as long as we can understand that these problems can be better to let our beautiful perfect show.

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